At Presticon, we have a methodical approach which involves initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the project. This guides the project from start to completion.

Each Project undertaken by us is properly managed using skills, tools, knowledge, and techniques thereby creating a unique service/result and ensuring the project meet its requirements. We assist our clients to monitor and keep on track their project right from project design, through to selecting consultants and contractors, planning, up till closeout and commissioning.

Our clients can rest assured that we would be overseeing the entire process;  updating/reporting on project progress, and managing  consultant(s), whether we are the builders or not.

Our Specialties are:

  • Planning
  • Cost Control
  • Change Control
  • Risk Management
  • Document Management
  • Communication & Assurance

Our project management service takes a more hands on approach as we would not just sit back, watch from afar or relax in giving it our best shot.